Filmmaking Lessons Learned

Since starting this new adventure of film making, I’ve learned so much. Sure, planning out the shots was easy once I got the film in my head. Getting people together was hard. There’s probably an app for that. Then comes the shoot… Controlling light was hard, especially the sun. (Worst actor ever, couldn’t take direction.) Capturing audio was tough. I’m going to need an expert on those, or watch a youtube video or take some free online class. Directing and acting in the same movie really threw my brain for a loop. It was nice to have actors who know what they’re doing though.

Post production:

I thought everything captured would be PERFECT! HAH! Alas, it was not. Brightness was different from shot to shot, even the colors were uneven throughout. And then the audio… man, it was like all my neighbors were doing landscaping that weekend. Well, here’s what I learned about color correcting and noise removal. For future reference, I’ll need to listen and watch the takes after/during the shots, like a chef tastes his food while he’s cooking.

Color Correction

Improving audio

Aaand after a week of post here’s the final product! (that’s a lie, I’m probably going to end up editing some more. I think I’ve developed OCD)


In conclusion, filmmaking is fun, but I think I’m gonna need a team.