Fight Choreography Project and Lessons Learned

fight choreography yasmin harry

Besides Westerns, I’ve got a love for old school kung fu movies. You know, the ones with bad dubbing, and really quick focus changes. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to create a film with awesome fight choreography.

Another reason was watching this scene from Iron Fist:

I won’t go into the show or how horrible I thought this fight scene was. I will, however, try to understand hard it was to make a fight scene interesting to watch. It seems 50 cuts in 30 seconds is not the way to go.

It was quite an adventure learning. Definitely check out Jared Kirby’s stage combat / fight choreography class at NYC Combat

1. Practice

The entire fight was pretty simple. Just 10 steps. Practiced for 3 hours. Shot it in 3 hours. I think more practice was needed. Just to get it to the point where neither actor was thinking.

2. Divide and Conquer

Fights can be broken down into beats, just like a script. Someone’s winning, then losing, change of tactics. Etc etc. It makes shooting much easier, plus it saves the actors’ energy.

3. Angles Have Their Limits

Mastering the exploitation of camera angles with look great combined with the actors selling the hits. But at some point, it helps just to show someone getting hit and make the audience feel something. Next fight, I want to show more hits. No one got hurt this time. That final kick was pretty cool. It was barely a tap but Yasmin sold it, plus the slow motion falling totally made it look cooler than it actually was.

4. Fight Choreography is Hard

Duh-doy. It was quite the workout doing the same sequence over and over and over for 4 different angles. I recommend a ton of coffee, plenty of rest, and deodorant. It gets dangerous when the mind wanders in the middle of fight choreography.

Final Scene:

A New Adventure

It took two whole years to do it, but I’ve finally quit my job as a software developer and jumping in head first into full time acting! Funny how this whole thing started with just looking for ways to get over stage fright. But hell, after one acting class, the acting bug bit hard. Now I’m focused on lining up my week with auditions in New York. It’s been two weeks since I left my day job, and after one trip to NYC, I’ve been through 10 auditions and 1 paid gig. So far so good! Here’s to a new adventure!

Green X and Ham

This has been on my mind for quite some time. Right after making the cupcake movie, I wrote a bunch of stuff. And here I am! Sam-I-Am as a drug dealer.

Summer Shorts are Coming!

I’ll be in Objective where I play Len, the brother of a someone who just killed her husband. Approaching the final week of rehearsals before opening night this Friday 7/10 check out the event at

SAG-AFTRA Eligible!


This April has been magical. I’ve finally shot and released my short film “A Mouthful of Cupcakes,” did the Stage Source auditions, recorded a song and filmed a promo piece for Brick House, performed in “Ascendants #3” web series/prequel, and did a staged reading for a new play PRONE by Craig Houk. On top of all that, I just got noticed that I’m SAG-AFTRA eligible!!!!

I don’t know what May will bring, but I’m kicking it off by performing in Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid as Mr. DeBonnefoi with the Newton Theatre Company on May 2nd at the War Memorial Auditorium in Newton City Hall at 2pm.